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Do it yourself!


12 points for a sustainable and resource-saving use of objects.

von René Buchfink

deutsprachige Version

The DIY Manifesto I wrote is based on ideas from other manifestos. I have clarified and sharpened and added some passages.

Nr.DIY-Manifest (English)
01.If it's broken, fix it! Because solving everyday, practical problems is the most beautiful creativity there is.
02. If it's not broken, improve it! A little clever tweak will make something work better for years.
03. Give your product a longer durability! If we double the life of our things, halve what ends up in landfill.
04. Repairing means freedom and independence. As a craftsman, you don't have to get sad when something wears out, nothing stays new, so forget perfection.
05. Resist trends and useless upgrades! The fuel of our throwaway society.
06. Don't let yourself become a passive consumer! Whenever we spend money, it's a vote for the kind of products we want. Buy products that can be repaired.
07. A repaired thing is a beautiful thing. Every repair no matter how skillful or improvised, has its story.
08.If you have an idea, start small and do it well! If it's good, it will continue to grow.
09. Maintain your curiosity! Keep trying things you've never done before. It's good for your brain and your soul. Don't be afraid of making mistakes - it only makes the successes sweeter.
10.People are boundlessly different, products should be too. Everything can be improved and adapted.
11. Throwing away is a choice, not a law of nature. Plastic is not evil, but we misuse it. Use it with respect.
12. Share your ideas, enthusiasm and skills! If you enjoy fixing and tinkering, keep doing it. It's a gift for life.